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  • Marine Piling Specialists

    Ellis Offshore Limited specialises in the following piling work:
    Combined Steel Sheet Piling, Combi Walls, Timber Piles, Sheet Piles,
    Cofferdam & Tubular Driven Piling

  • Operators of Contracts
    Throughout the UK

    At Ellis Offshore Limited we operate contracts throughout the United Kingdom.
    Marinas, Quay Walls, Dock Areas, Port Habours, Rivers & Estuaries 

  • Safety First

    At Ellis Offshore Limited, we are committed to complying with current laws and safety
    requirements, just as we consider all aspects of occupational health and safety.
    We constantly monitor and improve our safety issues on an ongoing basis
    (with training and preventive measures).

Labour Only

Our Services

Combined Steel
Sheet Piling

Sheet piles can be combined to form special arrangements and create systems with large bending resistance.


Combi wall piles act as a load bearing structure, sheet piles in between make the wall continuous.


Timber piles are used for maritime construction, timber is favoured because of its ease in over water environments.


Sheet piles have interlocking edges (or clutches) that are driven into the ground.

Cofferdam Driven

Cofferdam Driven Piling is a temporary method to keep water out of the excavation

Tubular Driven

Large hollow tubes that are hammered into the ground. These are robust & sometimes filled with concrete.

Meet the Team

Richard Ellis
Operations Director
Claire Ellis
Company Secretary
Caroline Rinder
Office Manager

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