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About Us

We are marine piling specialists

Richard Ellis started Ellis Offshore Limited in November 2012. He has been piling since his late teens. He worked for other companies and decided to set up his own business with his wife Claire Ellis.

Safe working is at the heart of all we do here at Ellis Offshore Limited.

We are committed to complying with current laws and safety requirements, just as we are considering all aspects of occupational health and safety.

Since the nature of our work has the potential to pose a serious hazard to the health and life of our employees, business partners and end-users of the investments for which we are employed. Our highest priority is of health and safety, where we will constantly monitor and improve on our safety issues on an on-going basis (with training and preventive measures).

All of our employees are knowledgeable of health and safety issues related both to themselves and their colleagues and are obliged to taking relevant measures if identifying unacceptable conditions.